No more as a kid but a person grown up! – 美國高中交換學生心得分享

桃園市治平國中 林君翰

If you ask me, what things have been the most challenging for you this year? I think the most challenge whing of this year is trying to get my homework done, because in Taiwan’s education is too tough, but here is too easy, so I’m kind of being to lazy and not taking this important, but now I know, I have to do what I have to do, get my homework done and try to work as hard as I can. Being a exchange student is really a very nice experience in my life, and I really enjoyed it and next year is gonna be better.
Northern Michigan Christian School
How have you grown over the last year? I think I have grown a lot than I expected, because at first, I kind of didn’t wanna come here, because I have to leave my family and all my friends, not seeing them for 1 year is kind of too long for me, but for my future, I have to learn more stuff and trying to get myself improve and learn how to live without family helping me and trying to get this through by my own. Now, I have been improve a lot and I know what should I do and what I shouldn’t do. How do you think your year here at NMCS has changed who you are and how you perceive life? I think NMCS didn’t change who I am but know more and more about myself, those Bible verses i read really teach me a lot of my life and myself, even let me know what kind of person I am. NMCS definitely change my life a lot, this school teach me how to treat people right, how to make friends and of course more english skills. NMCS is the best school I have ever study in, not just improve me and teach me a lot of life lessons, how to be a nice person, how to talk nice to Miss Roby and others teachers.
Northern Michigan Christian School
How do you think your year here at NMCS will affect your life as you return home? When I return home, I think I will act like a grown up person and not still a kid, NMCS really change me a lot, I am not a kid anymore and a grown up person. NMCS will ever stay in my heart, because I didn’t just learn a lot of things from book but also from the teachers at NMCS, these teacher are the best of the best. They teach me so much than I will ever expected, they treat me so good like a family and teach me how to do this how to do that or even help me when i have trouble going on. So NMCS definitely change me a lot, make me act more like a grown and talik more like a grown up and teach me a lot of knowledge and make myself improve so much. I think when I go back to Taiwan, I’m gonna tell everyone that how great NMCS is and I will never forget it no matter what.