My Journey – 德國高中交換學生心得分享

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Hello everyone I am Hebe. – Many people ask me, why do I want to be an exchange student? The original intention is that I had been dreaming about the American dream. I want to meet new people, speak like a native and live an American life. The American show „Glee“ was my biggest influence. This was 2016. After the year in the state, I was so in love with the name „exchange students“, and how many prerogatives they got. It’s not in a bad way, for example the teachers devote more time taking care of you by knowing that you are an „exchange student“. People come and talk to you because you are an „exchange student“. i don’t find anything bad for being an exchange student. You will get attentions, you will make friends, and you will improve your English. Furthermore you will have a second family and lifelong friend to rely on. Will you get homesick? Yes, maybe you will. I don’t really have homesick because I really enjoy hanging out with my friends and living with my host family. However it might be different for each individual. I believe everyone can conquer it. This is the smallest deal in your life. Based on all these pros and cons, everyone should undoubtedly take a shot. After my first exchange year, my dad asked me if I want to try something new again. I love being an exchange student… so second time? Hell yes. The second exchange year, I decided to go to Germany! I chose Germany because most of my exchange friends that I met in the states are German. They are so cordial to me. So I decided to go to Germany and tried something new. I was more nervous going to Germany then USA. My English was pretty good before I went to the states. On the other hand I never learned any German. The only thing I knew when I arrive was „Hi ich bin Hebe, ich bin 16.“ ( Hello I am Hebe, I am 16.) However after one year, I am so proud of myself! I can communicate with Germans! Sometimes I incautiously talk in German. Also I can dream in German. Being an out going person is a really essential element through out your exchange year. Not only because you can make more friends but also you will be more likable. Friends take a substantial part of your life. I always imagine speaking fluent german and start a conversation with that cute guy on the hallway or planning to talk to that German celebrity at his meet and greet. This is how I improve my German. You need to set a goal and do it. That’s what matters in life — to achieve your goals. I have lots of goals in my life and exchange year took a small part of it. If you can surmount this, then you could subjugate majority of the stuff in your life.
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Do I recommend going on an exchange year? Indubitably. You only live once, so why don’t you try something new and challenging. It is not only about the culture and languages. It’s about the connection and relationship with your host family and friends. Your host family and friends that u met abroad might take place in a huge part of your life. After the year in Germany, I didn’t go straight back home. I went on a trip with my friends in Europe. I wouldn’t want to go alone… the local friends are important as well. They know majority of stuff about their countries, especially the secret spots and stories. How did I met those Spanish, French, and Norwegian? I met them through out my exchange year. Exchange year is praiseworthy and I totally recommend it. Everyone who is reading this now, if you hesitate, you will lose lots of things in your life. Those special experiences and friends that you can only get during an exchange year. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.